New P-C Optimum Loyalty Card Benefits Both Sides: Expert

Consumer experts say that the new P-C Optimum point is a good move for Loblaw Inc.

Starting February 1st, the company is merging the Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum loyalty plan with its grocery store P-C Plus program.

Until then, the company says customers can keep collecting points as usual. Once the merge is made all points will transfer to the new single-card program at equal value. For example, the company says if an Optimum points collector has $100 worth of points, they will receive $100 worth of the PC Optimum points.

Speaking to The Lynn Martin Show, Marketing Analyst Tony Chapman says that there's a benefit to both the consumer and the companies.

"The win the consumer gets is great deals, great offers, exciting days when they go '25x The Points', but ultimately, what Loblaw and Shoppers is trying to do is to make sure, more often then not, is that you shop in their banners and nowhere else."

He says Loblaw is ultimately going to recieve one other major benefit.

"For Shoppers and Loblaw they can now have a centralized group of people to get what they're really after, which is data. And thats what loyalty cards are, it's their way of peeling back the onion and finding out how you think, feel and most importantly, behave when your in their stores."

And what should you do with these newfound points? Chapman suggests the best thing is use them any chance you get.

"Redeem it right away because they're keeping your money, I mean it's your $10, if you don't redeem it and Loblaw and Shoppers gets to hold onto it, they're using your money to your advantage every time you hit a threashold."

Loblaw acquired Shoppers Drug Mart in 2014.