New Passport Program to Sample Local Craft Breweries and Distilleries

There's a new way to enhance your experience along the Barrels, Bottles and Brews Trails across Windsor-Essex.

Tourism Windsor-Essex, Pelee Island is introducing 'The Flight Log, a passport style program that gets you a 'flight" of beer, cider or whiskey at all 13 participating locations.

For $25 you get the samplings, a passport book and if you get to all the locations, a special bar mat.


BREW Windsor head Brewer Jordan Goure, June 11, 2019 (by AM800's Peter Langille)

BREW Windsor Head Brewer, Jordan Goure says the craft breweries in this offer a personal experience.

"More likely than not you're going to get to speak with someone who has intimate knowledge of the brewing operation and the business itself," says Gore, "Whether it be the head brewer or sometimes even the owner of the brewery. So when you purchase a beer or apparel, you often now have a personal connection to the brewery, making each experience more memorable and authentic."

TWEPI's Director of Communications, Jason Toner says it's taken about four years to set the program up.

"Giving the tour piece or having the product, making sure that when you walk in the door you can actually try the product and take it home," he says. "So making sure everyone's on the same playing ground when they walk in and having enough partners to make it a full experience.  If you have one or two we can't promote the region entirely."

Toner says you'll start off with a flight of the product, but there's more.

"You can also make tasting notes as you go. You walk in, the brewers will know you're there for a flight.  Some offer three, some offer four different types of products.  Then you'll get to taste and make some tasting notes and there's also an incentive to go to all the establishments.  So for your $25 purchase you're actually getting $140 in product."


Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island Director of Communication, Jason Toner, June 11, 2019 (by AM800's Peter Langille)

The Flight Log is available online, at the TWEPI office and at each of the 13 locations on the tour.

The program is being launched in the midst of Craft Beer Week and there's no expiration date for the logs.