New Plan for Assumption Church Restoration

Restoration of one of Windsor's oldest churches could begin sooner rather than later. 

The latest report — simply titled ‘Resurrection’ — by lawyer Paul Mullins warns the ongoing delays to repair the historic Assumption church could add hundreds of thousands of dollars to the final cost.

The latest report shows the ability to maintain a restored Assumption church has been a major concern of potential donors. However, the report points to $900,000 the Our Lady of the Assumption Parish has in reserve as proof the parish is ready for the responsibility.

So far, only a million dollars has been formally donated to the restoration of the 177-year-old church, while a further $3.25 million has been informally committed.

Phase one of the restoration project is slated to begin by late spring or early summer.

The report says it will cost just over $2.2-million for a new copper roof and fire alarm system, asbestos removal, foundation and floor repairs, and a new heating system.

Parishioner Karmen Archibald is glad they are focusing on the work that needs to be done first. 

"It's extremely doable, how it's going to be sort of sectioned off in bite-sized pieces and get it done little by little," she says. "I think it's the best proposal."

She believes having some work done soon will also make fundraising efforts much easier and the situation has created a stronger bond within the parish.

"I really feel that sense of community and I think everybody, even though we all have our own opinions and are own wants and desires for what the parish should be, I think that we're all on the same page and we're ready and willing to move forward together,"she says.


Image of a stained glass window at Assumption Church. March 7, 2019 (Photo by AM800's Teresinha Medeiros)

Local philanthropist Al Quesnel has also offered to match up to $5 million, but donations need to be collected by the end of August.

Assumption church has been unoccupied for five years and is 10 years removed from the first fundraising campaign to restore the historic west-end building.

The report was presented to parishioners after Sunday morning mass at Holy Name of Mary Church.

In Mullins’ first report, the failings of the two previous fundraising campaigns were outlined while the following report identified a $20 million fundraising goal to complete the restoration of the 177-year-old church.