New Streetlights For Essex Centre

Essex town council has decided to brighten up Essex Centre.

Council has agreed to spend $885,000 over the next four years to replace all streetlights in the downtown core. The current lights and poles are 65 years old and vary between the standard utility/streetlight poles and decorative poles.

Councillor Randy Voakes says it's time for a lighting change.

"The lighting itself has really become dilapidated and in terms of maintenance and restoring them and bring them back up to satisfactory visual effect," says Voakes. "The reality is it makes much more sense long term and financially to simply replace them so that's what we're going to do."


(Photo courtesy of the Town of Essex)

Mayor Ron McDermott says he has heard from residents and visitors about the shape of the lights and the downtown core.

"We have people come in from out of town and they look at your main street and say wow, kind of dumpy well we have some people in our staff looking after our downtown along with the BIA people and we're going to spruce up the downtown," says McDermott.

The replacement project will begin later this year and is scheduled to wrap up on 2021. The new lights will be LED lights.

Town staff is also recommending some overhead wiring be replaced to underground wiring.