New Subdivision For Windsor's Ward 9

Windsor's Ward 9 could soon be getting a new subdivision.

"Things are going very well in the ward and there's a lot of development happening and that's just another example of it," says Ward 9 Councillor Hilary Payne. 

On Tuesday, the city's Planning Standing Committee approved 13 single unit lots on Maguire St. E. just off Howard Ave.

Payne says the developer has been sitting on the property for a number of years.

"That property has been vacant for a long time and they are already proceeding with the development on the south side of Maguire Street and now they're doing it on the north side as well, so that's all good news for Ward 9," he says. "Developers are creating new lots and new lots and new lots and that's great news," says Payne.  "Getting more population into the city, getting more tax revenue, everything is good about it and that's going to be a really nice development."

The proposed development now heads to city council for final approval.