New Technology To Help Find Problems When the Power Goes Out

Essex Power Corporation is investing in new Smart Grid technology.

It will let the company monitor the status of the entire power grid in real time.

Essex Power Corporation CEO Ray Tracey says Smart Grid allows the company to immediately diagnose any system problem and quickly fix it.

"It is a tool that will let us make better decisions," says Tracey. "We are an infrastructure group, so with having better intelligence we make better decisions. We do not overbuild, we right build. To be more competitive, to find greater value, you have to do it with less but with more intelligence. That is what we are trying to do, be less of just build for the sake of building, build with intelligence, build with good decision making day to day."

Essex Powerlines is on track to spend nearly $8.4-million by 2020 towards programs such as Smart Grid to help lower electricity bills.