New Tourism Website Promotes Local Artisans


Local artisans have gained a new way to get the word out on where to find their wares.

It's an online resource of local goods called 'WE Made It' — a how-to-find guide for local artists and craft-makers and even the small retailers that stock their goods.

Lynnette Bain is Vice President at Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island.

She says the website will sound familiar to some people.

"It really plays on that hashtag that is growing in popularity in our region, yqg, obviously for our airport code, but it has been popular and we are just launching the website and it is"

Bain says it has to be 'local.'

"You have got to be making something in Windsor-Essex or adding artisan value to it, so we do have coffee makers but we don't grow coffee beans here, but there is roasting and different productions techniques that are used."

She says it's a different way to add tourism value to the region.

"Maybe don't have the ability to market themselves independently where we can act and an ability to market them as a whole under this we made it moniker."

Bain says the website will encourage visitors and residents to explore local artisans and makers.

— with files from AM800's Peter Langille