New Website Launched for Opioid and Substance Strategy

There is a new way to look up information on the region's opioid and substance strategy.

A website has been created by the strategy's leadership committee which consists of 28 community agencies.

The agencies are working together to address key substance use issues in the community.

Dr. Wajid Ahmed is the region's Medical Officer of Health and is one of the co-chairs of the strategy.

He says the website provides information on prevention and education along with harm reduction, treatment and recovery and enforcement and justice.

Dr. Ahmed says he's pleased to see all the community agencies work together.

"It's good to see we have made strong collaboration with many of the community agencies and coming together to find a potential solution for the problem and we have addressed many of the issues but there's still a lot of work that needs to be done," says Dr. Ahmed.

He says the public was looking for more information on the strategy.

"There's been a lot of request for information," says Dr. Ahmed.  "What is happening with the strategy, what is happening if I find a needle in my backyard, what do I do.  Who do I talk to if I'm looking to get some treatment services where do I have to go and who can I connect with."

Dr. Ahmed hopes the website assists the community.

"It will help the community to access that information and reducing stigma and all those things," says Dr. Ahmed.  "It helps if you have everything in one centralized location and is a good mechanism for sharing information with the community and community partners."   

The website can be found at

The leadership committee also released some highlights in its 2018 annual report.

The report shows, seven new needle drop boxes were installed in the city.

35,478 needles were collected.

There were 15 new community agencies trained to provide free naloxone kits to clients and just under 3700 naloxone kits or refills distributed in Windsor-Essex County through the Ontario Naloxone Program in 2018.