Newcomer Women Learning Entrepreneurial Skill

A project to help newcomer women to Canada learn how to start a business is graduating it's first group.

The "Startup Project" is administered through Windsor Women Working with Immigrant Women.

Delna Buhariwalla is Senior Manager of Programs and Services and says it gives the women tools to create their own business.

"To the women who are doing the project, who are taking this leap with us, there's a different security in employment that you can in some way count on. Your own business is a different level of risk and they're taking that journey or have signed up to take that journey with us."

Leela-Dee Scuffle-Gayle is Senior Program Consultant for the Startup Project and says teaching details like a handshake is important.

"In the eastern world a simple handshake might become offensive to them, but here in the western world its really a confirmation of business and confirmation of your stature. So we have introduced our program to be as practical as possible to ensure our clients know what to say when they're meeting with the business community, what to say when they really want to generate the support for their business."

There will be a second 25-week cohort of the project starting later this year and if funding is extended from the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration it will continue next year.


Delna Buhariwalla Senior Manager of Programs and Services, Windsor Women Working with Immigrant Women, June 13, 2018 (by AM800's Peter Langille)