Newlyweds House Catches Fire

What was suppose to be an exciting holiday weekend for a local couple has now turned to a devastating one.

Mike and Jessica Myers got married Saturday afternoon at Alexander Park followed by a reception in their backyard on Woodward Boulevard. 

The couple says it was the most amazing day but things changed around 1:30 Monday morning.

While they were up opening gifts and planning their honeymoon, Mike noticed their house was on fire.

Jessica Myers says she's not sure what she should have done if Mike wasn't there.

"Mike got up, I didn't know why at first but he proceeded towards the foyer and all of a sudden he let out a huge, fierce cry like a scream saying Jessica get out, get the kids and get out," says Myers.     


Garage after fire (Photo by AM800's Rob Hindi)

Mike Myers says it's tough but says his family will pull through.

"We're going to get on our feet as soon as we can," says Myers.  "It's only a minor set back, everybody's alive, it's only material things so we'll get it."    

Mike Myers went back into the home to get the family's two kittens.

He was able to save one while Windsor fire saved the second one.


Master bedroom after fire on Woodward Blvd. (Photo by AM800's Rob Hindi)

Jessica has lived in the house for about a year and a half while Mike lives in Dearborn but is in the stages of moving to Windsor.

The blaze started in the attached garage and then spread to the interior of the house.

Nobody was hurt.

Damage is pegged at $325,000 while the cause is listed as undetermined.


Back of the home (Photo by AM800's Rob Hindi)