Nexus Requirement 'Cash Grab' Says Mayor

Calling it little more than a cash grab, the mayor of Tecumseh is among those who are not impressed with a potential new requirement for Canadian boaters.

The federal government is recommending they get a Nexus card in case they inadvertantly cross into U.S. waters.

But Mayor Gary McNamara is leary about the motivation. "You know, is it because of the influx of refugees we had out of Manitoba and Quebec over the winter months. Do we have an issue here in the Great Lakes basin?"

McNamara doesn't believe that's the case and says the requirment could potentially hurt tourism. " We have sailing clubs, regattas — those are competitions we have in Lake St. Clair. They come from all over. Are they going to be sitting there at the boundary line?"

Tecumseh and the County of Essex have sent letters to the federal government expressing their concerns.