Nicholls Retains Chatham-Kent Leamington Riding

Rick Nicholls will remain the MPP in Chatham-Kent Leamington.

The Progressive Conservative incumbent won 52% of the vote with the NDP earning 36% and the Liberals just 8%.

This will be Nicholls' third straight term after winning in 2011 and 2014.

He says it was a tight race, but he's ready to get back to work.

"It was very tough, really and truly. I want to give credit to the other candidates as well. They fought hard, but with all the turmoil that our party had gone through from around the end of January up until now we evolve as victorious and with a majority government. I'm very, very excited."

Nicholls says a PC government is what Ontario needs.

"We have some tremendous candidates bringing forth good, sound, solid, practical, live within your means policies to help govern this province and to get this province back on its feet. So longer can we say that Ontario is for sale. We can now say that Ontario is open for business."

He says he'll continue to push for concrete barriers on the 401.

"The biggest concern I have is that there's 117 kilometres of four lane highway from basically Lambeth through to Tilbury and there's been so many crossovers, so many accidents on that road and yet, from Tilbury on to Windsor there's a concrete barrier. So we're pushing and we have committed to building that concrete barrier."

Nicholls adds a majority PC government with Doug Ford at the helm is going to provide an opportunity to get the province back on track.

Nicholls is currently the critic for community safety and correction services and has committed to starting talks right away to return slot machines to local horse racetracks.


INC - Rick Nicholls (PC) - RE-ELECTED 24,070 (51.9%)
Mark Vercouteren (Green) - 1,636 (3.5%)
Margaret Schleier Stahl (Liberal) - 3,736 (8.1%)
Jordan McGrail (NDP) - 16,558 (35.7%)
Drew Simpson (Independent) - 358 (0.8%)

Polls Reporting - 96/96
Voter Turnout - 57.8%
Votes - 46,358/80,206