No Bids For LaSalle's Vollmer Master Plan

A new master plan for LaSalle's Vollmer Recreation property will have to wait a bit longer.

Director of Culture and Recreation Julie Columbus says the master plan went out to tender earlier this year, but no bids were made.

She says four companies registered for the Request For Proposal document, but did not end up submitting a proposal.

Columbus says she was surprised there were no bids.

"In my career I've never had a master plan go out to tender and not receive bids so this was new for me," says Columbus.  "Lots of great feedback though that it's an election year so it's been really tough.  A lot of consultants are booked, their schedules were booked earlier starting in January so there schedules should ease up near the end of the year."

She says it appears consultant schedules are full.

"We had four companies register for the RFP document and none of them applied and submitted," says Columbus.  "I spoke to must of them, I wasn't able to get a hold of all of them but most of them did give the same feedback, it's just a very busy year probably because of the election, that's what we're thinking."      

Columbus says the master plan will now be tackled by the new council.

"It actually will line up really well because a new council will be starting in the fall and this will line it up," says Columbus.  "So they'll be able to sink their teeth into it and get this thing done in one of their first projects as a new council together."       

The RFP closed on April 20.

Columbus says the town will re-post the RFP at the end of June, with a July closing date.

She says the plan is to have the master plan started this fall and presented a completed document to council by summer 2019.