No Further Discussion on Fluoride for LaSalle Council

Fluoride is a forgone conclusion for LaSalle after Windsor and Tecumseh voted in favour of reintroducing it to the water supply.

Windsor supplies water to both municipalities, but if both Tecumseh and LaSalle voted against fluoridation, the move would have been dead in the water.

Tecumseh voted in favour of the move April 9th, with Mayor Gary McNamara praising council for allowing, "science to trump fear mongering."

LaSalle Mayor Marc Bondy has been vocal in his opposition to reintroducing fluoride to the water supply, but "Two out of three municipalities voted and it's a point we can't argue. We'll have to take the water we have and go from there," he says.

Bondy's interactions with constituents pointed to a no vote but there wasn't much talk on the issue amongst councillors.

"There are seven members of council who have their own opinion and their own information they've received from residents relating to the fluoride," he says. "It would have been an interesting scenario had we voted no but I guess it doesn't matter now. Even if we had a vote tomorrow, we're still getting fluoride."

Fluoride was removed in 2013 and officials with the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit say data shows cavities have increased and overall oral health has been on a decline since.

Windsor Utilities Commission estimates it will cost $850,000 to reintroduce fluoride and $150,000 each year for system maintenance - cost sharing between the three municipalities has yet to be revealed.