No More Plastic Straws Or Stir Sticks At LaSalle's Vollmer Centre

The Town of LaSalle has eliminated plastic straws and plastic stir sticks at the Vollmer Centre.

Director of Culture and Recreation Julie Columbus says the town made the switch after a suggestion from councillor Crystal Meloche at a June council meeting.

Columbus says the town is now using paper fabric straws and wooden stir sticks.    

She says it made sense to eliminate both plastic products.

"The costing was the same so we thought if we're doing one, we might as well look at both and save the environment a little bit of our leftovers and I think it was the right direction for our municipality," says Columbus.      

Columbus adds councillor Meloche made a post on Facebook and the response has been positive.

"She had put out a post on Facebook about what we were doing so yes many of the users have commented and liked her post," says Columbus.  "I think there was over 7000 people who viewed it.  I myself had received inquires from that post from other municipalities are reaching out to see what we did, if they could implement the same sort of change in their facilities and their municipalities."       

Council has asked administration for a report looking look into other ways to eliminate the use of plastic products at the Vollmer Centre and other town-owned properties.