No More Swimming At Kennedy Collegiate Institute

The swimming pool at Kennedy Collegiate Institute will be drained one final time.

During the Greater Essex County District School Board's budget meeting, trustees officially decided to shut the pool down at the end of this school year.

Trustee Alan Halberstadt calls the pool a misused of money. "Apparently teachers didn't even have keys to it anymore and it just wasn't being used, it was sitting there.  It's about a $55,000 expenditure so it's only responsible to say ok sorry, it's not working anymore."     

Halberstadt says the board will no longer have any swimming pools operating within the local public school system. "It's kind of funny because the city is building pools and we're closing them down. I think people aren't that interested in swimming anymore."

The board recently filled in the pools at Herman and Massey Secondary Schools while the former pools at Riverside, Walkerville and W.D. Lowe have not been filled in.

There are no plans to fill the Kennedy pool once it officially closes.