No Open Burns in Tecumseh


A reminder from Tecumseh Fire.

Chief Doug Pitre says due to the high humidex warning, open burns will not be allowed in the municipality until further notice.

He says permits will also not be issued.

"There's always plenty of time to burn all summer but the days like today, it's not advised and we don't allow it," says Pitre.  

He adds if someone is caught with an open burn, each case will be looked at differently.

"We look at the circumstances to make sure they were aware of it," says Pitre.  "Most of the people now in town usually get a permit when required, anything large, a backyard fire, usually we would go and ask them to extinguish it, nothing they can't do at a later date."      

Pitre says the open burn ban is not unique and other municipalities do it as well.