No Quick Fix For McGregor Flooding Concern

There doesn't appear to be an immediate fix coming for residents in McGregor despite complaints of basements flooded with water and sewage.

The Town of Amherstburg owns the sanitary system that serves McGregor and doesn't have any major expansion projects lined up for the area at the moment.

In its latest update to Essex council, Amherstburg administration reports the infrastructure is in good condition and tests show there is no direct source of infiltration.

Deputy Mayor Richard Meloche says there's been an ongoing issue of extra water getting into the system that neither administration has been able to pinpoint. "They've done their research, but unfortunately what I don't see is that there is a lot of answers to the residents that have basement flooding at this point in time.

Meloche hopes the Town of Amherstburg will be open to adding another lagoon in McGregor to help alleviate the flooding concerns. "In all fairness to the residents of that area in McGregor, if it's good enough for one area then it should be good enough for another area as well."

"Every time it rains, you get this knot in your stomach. You're concerned that, 'Is this going to be one of these times that I'm cleaning up my basement again,'" says Meloche. "At worst, 'Cleaning up sewage out of my basement.'"

Fortunately, despite the heavy rainfall this past weekend, the Town of Essex didn't receive any complaints of flooded basements.

Amherstburg's wastewater reserve stands at $3.6-million which serves six water systems including McGregor.