No Service Cuts To Garbage Pick Up In Tecumseh

The Town of Tecumseh is sticking with the status quo when it comes to garbage collection.

Administration had recommended cuts in service to save money but that has been rejected by town council.

Mayor Gary McNamara says "there's a lot of factors to drive the cost up. One of the things that we do pride ourselves in town is the level of service we provide our constituents and there's a lot of components in waste. It's not just a truck going up your street picking up a garbage pail. It's disposing of it, the tonnage, getting rid of it."

McNamara says "residents were loud and clear, they're willing to pay more to maintain current service levels."

The new garbage collection contract with Windsor Waste Disposal comes in at $588,000.

That's $103,000 over budget but McNamara says "the difference will come from the town's Tax Stabilization Reserve and the tax rate won't be affected."