Noise Bylaw Waived For Upcoming Road Work in Lakeshore

Lakeshore council has given the go ahead for construction well into the night for an upcoming project on County Rd. 22.

The intersection at Manning Rd. will be the site of lane expansions between May and December.

Council agreed to allow crews to work past the town's allowable hours as outlined by its noise byaw.

A necessity for a project of this size with such a short window for work according to Lakeshore director of engineering Nelson Cavacas.

"The Victoria Day weekend in May and go through early November and into December, because of the timeline and the short construction season they look for those opportunities and having that flexibility for contractors to kind of move along and shorten the constructions," says Cavacas.

He says permitting over night work will limit the effect on commuters and travellers during the summer months.

But Ward 1 councillor Steven Wilder says residents trying to get a good nights sleep might not be as optimistic about the late night racket.

"Our noise bylaw exists for a reason," says Wilder. "I have some concerns over residents potentially being disrupted during the overnight hours because of the construction. Looking at other projects that have gone on, major construction projects. They have been feasibly completed during the regular working hours without going all night."
Work begins May 1 and is expected to last until the middle of December.