Not Much Beachfront Left At Holiday Beach

Something very noticeable is missing from Holiday Beach in Amherstburg--the beach.

High lake levels have eroded the shoreline leading to limited beachfront to enjoy.

The impact has also been felt by mature trees planted more than 60 years ago that are slowly falling into the lake.

"There's not much property to stake a beach blanket on or something like that," says Director of Conservation Services at the Essex Region Conservation Authority Kevin Money.

He says people need to be aware of the condition of the beach before heading off for a picnic.

Money says 50-to-60-feet of shoreline has been lost.

"It's a lot of real estate," says Money. "Holiday Beach used to have quite a beautiful, nice extensive sandy beach and unfortunately that's gone this year. Now, we do expect it to come back, but in the meantime we are going to be working with some engineers to see if there are any measures that we have to put in place."

Money hasn't dealt with lake levels this high in nearly 30 years.


courtesy of ERCA

Money stresses there are still many daily activities to enjoy at Holiday Beach despite the shoreline erosion.

ERCA expects the beachfront to eventually be restored once lake levels recede.