Now Operating: Leamington to Windsor Transit Service


A new Leamington to Windsor transit service is now officially operational.

The inaugural ride took place on Monday.

The inaugural ride for the LTW Transit - Route 42 took place Monday.

The $1.2-million service has four stops including the Kinsmen Recreation Complex in Leamington, Kingsville's Arena Complex, the Essex Centre Sports Complex and St. Clair College's main campus in south Windsor.

Leamington Mayor Hilda MacDonald was joined by Essex Mayor Larry Snivley and Kingsville's Nelson Santos for the first ride to Windsor.

MacDonald says she was glad to see residents using the service.

"We got on the bus and there were a couple people that got off, one was going to visit his mother, the other was a young fellow from Windsor who just wanted to take the bus and see what Leamington was all about" says MacDonald.  "So we've already hit that right out of the starting gate."

She calls it a great opportunity for the community especially county students.

"The students that have access to college, that they don't have to worry about transportation, having a car, insurance and all the costs that go with it, we've got this fantastic opportunity," says MacDonald.  "People using the bus for medical appointments, there's all kinds of opportunities."


The new service is part of a four-year pilot project, which MacDonald hopes will grow.

"We have to see how the data works out and then hopefully everyone will buy in," says MacDonald.  "We've already had conversations on the bus about the possibility of other communities kicking in on this and then going from there."

The Transit Windsor bus runs three times a day.

The cost for a one-way fare is $10.  A round trip ticket is $15.

There is also a 30-day pass available and a 10 ride pass for $75.

Children 12 and under to ride the bus with a parent or guardian.