Number of Permits and Value of Construction Up Significantly

The building trades in Windsor are moving at top speed this spring.

The number of permits and the value of construction are both up significantly compared to this time last year.

Windsor Chief Building Official, John Revell admits the volume of applications for construction are putting pressure on his staff.

He says there are a lot of applications they are in the process of approving.

"We're busting at the seams just lately we've got 180 applications in the cue approximately a hundred of those are new houses we're more than at capacity.  We're very busy and it's a good news story for the community"

He says this is the busiest time of year for construction.

"Contractors are getting lined up to start building houses and other projects are coming on line.  Folks want to get their permits and get busy as soon as the weather starts to get nicer.  So right now we're in the thick of it"

He says the projects are significantly more valuable than just a year ago.

"At the end of March 2018 we were at roughly $59-million in construction value, as of the end of March 2019 we're already at $73-million in construction value so what that tells us is that the order of magnitude or the size and scope of these projects is getting bigger"

Revell says a lot of the permits issued in 2018 were driven by applications for backwater preventer valves in homes.