Off-Road Cyclist Report Pedalling Forward

Windsor City Council has decided to pedal forward with an off-road cycling report.

Monday night, council approved the preliminary report which recommends new biking trails in Little River Park and Malden Park.

Founder of the Essex County Trail Association Andy Jenner is pleased council gave it the green light although some questions still need to be answered

"There is still the question now that comes to how the trails will get built," he says.  "Our committee is recommending that we hire a builder, a regular designer to come in, we do have the expertise to do it ourselves very well, the trails that are in Malden were built by the local riders."

Jenner says it is best to hire an outside professional since the money has been set aside to build a jump park and trails.

He adds safety must be a priority for all including the cyclists, families and the city.

"We even put out options on the type of jump park that we could do, it could be a dirt-style, it could be a paved-style, there is a European company that is in Quebec that designs an asphalt jump system that can't be altered."

Jenner says it is important that any new trail system be family-friendly for experienced and young cyclists.

A year ago in November 2017, a group of cyclists was upset when the city had to flattened an off-road track in east Windsor at the Little River Rd. entrance to the Ganatchio Trail due to insurance concerns and protecting the natural area.

City council has set aside $500,000 for off-road cycling infrastructure.

--With files from AM800's Teresinha Medeiros and Rob Hindi