Offensive Graffiti At UWindsor Sparks Outrage

The Windsor University Faculty Association is condemning anti-feminist and anti-Islamic graffiti found on the campus of the University of Windsor.

Several posters were recently found defaced.

WUFA President Jeff Noonan says the organization is committed to providing a safe and secure work environment for all employees and the organization is calling on the university to investigate. "We hope that this situation is investigated and the person found and that our colleagues can work without fear of harassment. Academia is not a 9-to-5 job. People can be in their offices at any time, potentially, and it's important that it's a safe and secure environment."

"Acts like this are cowardly," says Noonan. "Don't scroll them on a poster anonymously hiding. If that's what you think, state it publicly. Debate your position and stand up and show your face and have an argument. That's what universities are about, is it not?"

The vandalized posters were found in the University's Women's and Gender Studies Department as well as near the Bystander Initiative Office.