Old Walkerville To Host New Buskerville Festival

Jugglers, pogo sticking, hula hooping and lots of fire acts will hit old Walkerville as part of a three-day festival called 'Buskerville'.

Six acts from across North America along with the Windsor Circus School will aim to captivate the audience along Argyle Rd. 

Festival Executive Director Jason Henderson says its entertainment that's outside of the box. 

"It's a free event, but tips for the performers are encouraged," says Henderson. "For families who actually don't have any money, it works out for them too because you are not obligated to tip anything, it is an event that is great, really for everyone because there are some families who can't afford that kind of entertainment normally."

The area around Argyle, Brant and Assumption will be closed to host the festival.


Buskerville is set for August 10-12. (Photo by AM800's Teresinha Medeiros)

Henderson, who does a fire act that includes eating fire, says it takes a lot of practice to perfect the art form. "If you play with fire, you do get burned," he says. "It is true. I have burned the inside of my mouth, I have burned lips, I have burned the inside of my throat before, cut my fingers and lit my face on fire twice now."

The festival starts August 10 at 6pm until Sunday, August 12 at 6pm.