OLG Removed From Lottery Prize Dispute

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has been removed from the middle of a lottery prize dispute between an estranged Chatham-Kent couple.

At issue is a $6.1-million Lotto 6-49 prize from a draw in September of 2017.

Maurice Thibideau of Leamington was awarded only half the money after his former common-law wife claimed she should get the other half.

Denise Robertson argued the two were together when the ticket was purchased, but Thibideau tried to claim the entire prize five days after moving out.

Earlier this month, the OLG argued before a Superior Court judge in Windsor that it wanted the courts to take ownership of the remaining $3.1-million and decide where it should go.

Justice Gregory Verbeen has decided the court will take control of the  $3.1-million in question until a  decision is made on who is entitled to it.

A decision is expected to take at least another year.