On Strike at Canadian Engineering in Windsor


On strike at Canadian Engineering and Tool in Windsor.

Talks broke off after 17 hours at the negotiating table on Friday resulting in the 75 workers, members of Unifor Local 195, walking off the job on Monday at 6pm to back contract demands.

Union President Emile Nabbout says concessions are no longer acceptable for the union.

"This company has no issue, no financial burden on them, they are making good money and there is no reason to put concessions on the table," he says.

Nabbout says workers are looking for a slight improvement in wages.

"We told the employer very clearly, we are not looking for so many changes," says Nabbout. "Every three years we have an opportunity as a worker to make some gains, some changes, everything is going up, the cost of living is going crazy."


He says the union is no longer accepting an attack on pensions or rolling back on benefits.

No new talks are planned. 

The skilled trades workers building machinery and equipment fixtures.