One Gun Incident Is One Too Many Says Windsor Police Deputy Chief (AUDIO)

Windsor police are looking to get to the bottom of a rash of gun violence in the city.

In the past eight days, there have been three incidents involving guns including one homicide.

The latest happened at 11:30pm Wednesday on Albert Rd where shots were fired at a home but no one was hurt.

Police says this was not a random act.

Earlier this week, Windsor police made an arrest after shots were fired in the parking lot of a Riverside Drive East apartment building.

"In our experience there have not been random acts. They are targeted events like we target guns and drug dealers, similar relationships we have found in these types of events and it is too early to speak on this most recent one," says Deputy Police Chief Vince Power.

"We have made a significant effort in curbing gun violence in respect to that and our numbers have shown that over the last five years."

Power emphasizes the need for community co-operation and support in reporting any suspicious activities.

In two of the incidents, arrests have been made.

Last week, 19-year-old Dallas Nelson was shot and killed.  45-year-old David Formosa is charged with first degree murder in his death.