One Step Forward For Downtown Windsor Community Improvement Plan  

The City of Windsor's planning committee is moving ahead with an improvement plan for the downtown core.

The Downtown Enhancement Strategy and Community Improvement Plan has been was unanimously supported and now just needs to be rubberstamped by council.

It will allow residents to apply for grants ranging from $500 to $50,000.

Shelley Gould represents Toronto investors who have property in Windsor's core. She says the investors she represents are pleased with the city's plan.

"I think it is representative of what needs to happen to spur development downtown and make sure we get vibrant again," says Gould. 


Planning Committee Hears About Downtown Enhancement Strategy and Community Improvement Plan (Photo by AM800's Rob Hindi)

Peg Dorner has lived in the downtown core for 38 years. She hopes the city offers more funding to downtown residents to improve their properties.

"I can tell you I spend about $5,000 a year just on the outside of my house," says Dorner. "I'm able to offend that and I'm in a historic registered home and I do try to keep it up, you make it really hard to live downtown. I'm glad to see there is some revitalization thoughts going in, I certainly hope you put money into it.  I certainly hope you put more money into allowing the residents that need to be able to fix their places downtown."