Ontario Election Entering 'Uncharted Territory' Says UWindsor Professor

A University of Windsor political science professor is calling it 'uncharted territory.'

On Saturday, Kathleen Wynne admitted that her governing Liberals will lose Thursday's election, signalling her time as premier is coming to an end.

UWindsor Associate Political Science Professor, Cheryl Collier says it's 'uncharted territory' to have a leader do this so close to the election. Collier says it has certainly made an election that's already really interesting, more interesting.

In making her announcement, Premier Wynne appealed to voters to set aside their feelings about her and support local Liberal candidates so that they can keep the next government from "acting too extreme, one way or the other."

Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Windsor, Cheryl Collier says it's hard to separate the anger toward the Liberals as just being anger toward Kathleen Wynne or not. "I don't know if it's enough to remove her from the equation for people to say I like the Liberals now and I'm going to vote for them," says Collier.

Wynne wouldn't say if she'll stay on as party leader after the election, but plans to keep fighting for her slate until the vote. 

"I think this gives voters something else to think about," says Collier. "If you thought this was a forgone conclusion election, it's not. I think we're in for an interesting one on election night."

Polls suggest the Liberals, who've been trailing the Progressive Conservatives and the New Democrats, could also be at risk of losing official party status after election day.

Ontario votes this Thursday, June 7th.

Collier will be co-hosting AM800's election night broadcast along side Paul McDonald. Coverage begins at 8pm.