Ontario Government Assessing Flooding Damage in Windsor

The Provincial Disaster Assessment Team is in Windsor, touring homes and checking out the damage left in last weeks flooding.

The team decides whether or not Windsor qualifies for provincial funding under the Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarians. (DRAO)

Splitting into two teams - one took east end areas, the other west - they are spending the day touring the hard hit areas.

Speaking on AM800's The Lynn Martin Show, Richard Stromberg, spokesperson for the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing says the team consists of adjustors and municipal officials.

"Once they have that information they prepare an assessment and convey that information to Minister Morrow, the Minister of Municipal Affairs who then makes a decision to whether to activate the DRAO program," says Stromberg.  "DRAO stands for Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarians. It's meant to help on primary property so it has to be a permanent residence or your place of business to help them with essentials so it might be the furnace, some appliances."

Frank Talerico had his east Windsor (corner of Aubin Rd. at Tecumseh Rd. E.) home assessed by the team.  Standing beside the pile of possessions he's lost  he says he's skeptical the province will fully step up. 

"What it's doing is hitting the people at the bottom we can't afford insurance and can't afford a lot of stuff and they're the ones getting hit," says Talerico. 

Talerico just moved into his home in April - and says he's skeptical the province will give all the money that's needed.

"The government should get involved, it's not right.  You can help some of the people but there's a lot of people that can't be helped and they need help."

Stromberg says residents should keep track of the work their doing.

"While cleaning up, document what you're doing, take pictures doesn't have to be professional, use a cell phone that's perfect for snaps and save receipts, save records of the work you've done."


— with files from AM800's Rob Hindi —