Ontario Liberal Candidate For Windsor-Tecumseh Opens Campaign Headquarters

A little rain didn't stop Ontario Liberal Candidate for Windsor-Tecumseh Remy Boulbol from opening her campaign headquarters this past weekend.

After opening her new office on Wyandotte St. E. near Pillette Ave., Boulbol then hit the streets to find out what her constituents are talking about as she gets ready to try and dethrone NDP incumbent Percy Hatfield.

Boulbol tells AM800 News residents had a wide array of concerns but the threat of losing a minimum wage increase and hydro were brought up most frequently.

With energy hikes being blamed on the Liberal government, Boulbol had to remind constituents it's an issue 40-years in the making.

"It's a mess that we inherited and it's a mess that we are working to try and fix," she says. "They're issues that no one really wanted to have to be the one to have to deal with in the past, but we have to make those decisions and we have to deal with this now otherwise we're going to have our kids and grandkids dealing with it."

Boulbol says many of the people she spoke to are concerned about what will happen if Ontario PC Candidate Doug Ford becomes premier.

"All of these gains that we've made, whether they be the minimum wage, whether they be in healthcare through the infrastructure projects that we've got coming down the pipe, those things are going to be no more," says Boulbol. "People are nervous about that and I think that it will mean that folks get out voting in a way that maybe they haven't in the past. I really hope that's what we see."

Ontario votes June 7th.