Ontario NDP Proposes Changes To Reduce Hydro Costs

Ontario's NDP is proposing a host of changes to the energy system that they say could save ratepayers up to 30% on their hydro bills.

The party wants to see mandatory time-of-use pricing eliminated, saying it hasn't reduced peak demand by as much as the government intended.

It also plans to buy back the 30 per cent of share in Hydro One the government has sold.

Windsor West MPP Lisa Gretzky says hydro belongs in public hands.

"We would stop any further sell off of the asset or any further privatization and bring it back into full public ownership," she says.

"We still have people who stop me in our community who are in tears because of the cost of hydro because they are struggling to make ends meet especially if you are talking about people who are in low income or fixed income."

The NDP would like to give the Ontario Energy Board actual oversight of hydro rates and make decisions in the best interest of Ontarians.

Gretzky says the NDP also wants to see the HST removed from hydro bills.

She says the plan came after listening to people in the province and talking to experts in the hydro industry.