Open House Kicks Off Free Summer Programming For Windsor's Youth

More than 60 kids registered for free programs offered in west-Windsor designed to promote diversity,fun, inclusion and life skills over the weekend.

The Sandwich Teen Action Group, Coalition for Justice, Unity and Equity and Windsor Police Service launched the Ontario Black Youth Action Plan Mentorship Program at the Sandwich Teen Action Centre on King St. near Prince Rd. Saturday.

Coalition for Justice, Unity and Equity's Joi Hurst says $160,000 a year will keep athletic, mentorship, education, and entertainment programs free for youth ages six to 25 for the next four years. Hurst tells AM800 News the title of the program doesn't mean it won't include anyone who could benefit and wants have a little fun this summer.

"Our name itself — the Coalition for Justice, Unity and Equity — that means everybody," she says. "So we have all races, all ages up to 25, we try to work with more of the at risk youth to try and guide them."

Hurst says it's all about making sure those who need help get to experience the little things some young people may take for granted.

"Some of these students that we work with are so intelligent but they don't get a chance to do those extra things because they can't afford it," says Hurst. "We have a lot of newcomers within our program and we have an amazing city here and we want them to have the same opportunities."

She says they want to keep things light and fun, but the program also incorporates tutoring, work placements and life management skills.

"We want to get them ready for high school, we're following some of them through high school into college," she says. "We're going to make sure these kids are ready."

Ontario's Three-Year Anti-Racism Strategic Plan was implemented in February of 2017 and a $47-million plan to support black youth and their families annually, in schooling, postsecondary education and employment is part of that plan.

Hurst says programs and extra-curricular activities extend past the summer months and continue year round free of charge.

For more information contact The Sandwich Teen Action Group.