OPP Handle More Than 20 Crashes This Morning

Provincial Police were called to more than 20 crashes this morning between 6 and 10 am.

Spokesperson Constable Jim Root says most of those were minor, but there were a few injuries.

The largest number of vehicles involved in a single incident was on the EC Row Expressway at Huron Church around 6:30 am.

Ten vehicles were involved in a number of crashes and there were some minor injuries causing the road to be closed for over an hour.

Constable Root says that was one of 2 mutli-vehciel pileups.

"This morning we had 2 or 3 hot spots one being the EC Row near Ojibway Parkway another out in Lakeshore on County Road 22 "

He says one of the crashes on a 401 overpass was very bad.

AM800-Manning-Closed-April 17-2018

OPP on the scene of a head-on crash on Manning Rd. at the overpass at the 401 in Tecumseh.April 17, ,2018 (Photo by AM800's Anglo Aversa)

"The one on Manning Road as well where we had a 2 car head-on collision, that was probably the most serious of the collisions we had this morning, but I believe and I'm hoping those injuries among all those reported were non-life threatening"

Constable Root says motorists appear to have been caught off guard by the slippery roads.

"Nobody's expecting like we said earlier, the road conditions to change as quickly as they did.  We're just trying to let everyone know that reducing speeds and leaving extra room between vehicles travelling in front of you  and obviously remaining attentive  at all times"

He says a morning like this certainly taxes the system, but officers always seen to get the job done.

Windsor police had about 10 crashes spread across the city in that time frame, none involved serious injuries.