OPP Officer Sentencing Set For March

A 34-year-old Essex County OPP officer will learn his sentence in March after being found guilty of dangerous driving causing bodily harm.

Constable Jamie Porto is appealing the ruling on the case made in December.

Porto was driving a cruiser on the way to an emergency in October 2014 when he crashed into another car in St. Joachim. at the intersection of County Roads 42 and 31.

The driver of the other car suffered broken ribs and a concussion, and did not enter a victim impact statement in the case.

Porto's lawyer, Dan Scott, is asking the judge for an absolute discharge in the case with no driver's license suspension.

The Crown wants a suspended sentence, a $2500 fine, community service and a driving suspension longer than the minimum.

Peter Scrutton told the court all of that needs to be imposed if there isn't going to be a jail term.

Porto entered a statement to the court apologizing to the people who were hurt, his family and the OPP.

He explained that he no longer rushes to incidents and has adopted the philosophy "we get there when we get there"

An investigation has been initiated by the OPP Internal Affairs department and Porto's lawyer anticipates there will be a Police Act charge laid.

Porto has remained on duty as an OPP officer for the 2 and a half years since the crash and has had no other driving incidents.

Sentencing is set for March 22nd.