OPP Report On 911 Call to Windsor Police Chief's Home Released


The Chair of the Windsor Police Services Board has released the OPP review of a 911 call to Chief Al Frederick's residence from November of 2018.

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens tells AM800 News he released the heavily redacted report to clear any question there is something being hidden from the public.

“This was not just a white wash review of paperwork, this was an independent review of interviews with people involved in the matter," says Dilkens, who goes on to say some items are blacked due to privacy concerns


Page One of the OPP review of the 9-1-1 call to Chief Al Frederick's home, released February 22, 2019 (courtesy Windsor PSB)

Dilkens says it took several days to compile the reports and determine what the policy was to handle an incident that the WPS hasn't dealt with in the past.

"We asked our board secretary to reach out to all the other... police boards, the big 12 across Ontario to say, 'how do you handle a call for service involving your chief of police?'  None of them have a policy with respect to how that happened, so we will have to craft our own made in Windsor solution and likely it will mirror what we already did," says Dilkens.

The report does confirm the 911 call was made at 11:18am on Nov. 12, 2018 and two patrol-officers, a supervisor, and Deputy Chief of Police were dispatched to Fredrick's home.

It was at that point a third-party was brought in, according to Dilkens.

"There was no criminality; there was no misconduct on the part of the chief.  It was simply a call that was made to his house through 911, officers responded as they would to any other residence in the city of Windsor but to make sure the public had the confidence in their Chief of Police and Police Service Board ,we asked the OPP to come in and undertake an independent review," he says.

Dilkens says that investigation makes it clear everything was done appropriately.

"The OPP came in, they sent officers from Orillia here, not even local folks, to come in and do this investigation ... their own words show that there was no criminality there was no misconduct and all of the officers of the WPS, including this Chief, acted appropriately in this situation," he says.

The OPP investigators reviewed the reports, listened to the 911 call and also interviewed all the parties involved, added Dilkens.

Frederick and members of the WPS declined comment at this time.

 — with files from CTV Windsor.


Page Two of the OPP report on the 9-1-1 call to Chief Al Frederick's home, February 22, 2019 (courtesy Windsor PSB)