OPP Warning Drivers To Keep An Eye For Motorcycles

Provincial Police are hoping to keep Ontario safe for people driving motorcycles and off-road vehicles..

With the warmer weather there are more and more motorcycles in particular on the roads.

Chatham-Kent OPP Constable Jay Denorer says the statistics from last year are startling.

"Because we have a lot of motorcycle out on the highway, One of the releases we've just put out was last year we lost 48 motorcyclists, they died tragically.  Half of those were not the motorcycle drivers' fault at all"

Constable Denorer says people driving a motorcycle expect other drivers to follow the rules.

"There's other people who May have had a few drinks, or impaired by drugs other ones were improper turns excessive speed and fail to yield to the motorcyclist.  When these go on the highway, the motorcyclists go on the highway, they're driving safely and hope everybody else is driving safely as well"

He says officers will be looking for the traditional problems, which are impaired driving, distracted driving, aggressive driving and lack of occupant restraint. 

Constable Denorer says driving off-road can be equally dangerous.

He points to nine of the 22 fatalities being the result of the driver not wearing a helmet with 15 of them simply losing control of the vehicle.

The OPP are hoping for a safer year with the 343 deaths being the highest number of road fatalities in five years.