Opposition to New Student Housing in West Windsor

Concerns are being raised over a proposed new student housing development near the University of Windsor.

The proposal calls for the construction of two new town homes, each containing three dwelling units. The first would be on the north side of Wyandotte St. We between Rosedale Ave. and Mill St., with a second site on the west side of Rankin Ave. between Wyandotte St. and Union St.

Chris Siefker, who's lived in the area for 25-years, is opposed to the development on Wyandotte St. W.

"I don't have a problem with the student residence, I have a problem it's going to be an apartment building," says Siefker. "This is a single family home neighbourhood, the whole neighbourhood and if this was south Windsor, if this was Walkerville, these questions would never even come up."

Bernie Levasseur is also against the development on Wyandotte Street West. He's lived in the neighbourhood for 28-years.

"I would like to see him make money somewhere else rather than my backyard and that's what people are really missing here," says Levasseur.  

Developer Kevin Flood says he understands some neighbours aren't excited about the proposed development.

"We're going to work with the neighbours to try and find compromise," says Flood.  "It's never our intent to harm the neighbours or harm the neighbourhood."

He says he just wants to provide safe and affordable accommodations to students.

"Both units are the exact same, six-bedrooms on the outside units and four-bedrooms on the inside units," says Flood.  "So that means that the student population would increase by 12 because there's already four bedrooms on the sites right now."

Flood says the site on Wyandotte currently has a duplex on the property while the site on Rankin has a bungalow style home on the property. Both will be demolished to make way for the new town homes.

Flood approached the city's Development Standing Committee on Monday asking for a bylaw amendment, which was approved.

The issue now heads to city council for final approval. 

Flood is hoping to start construction on the Rankin development in June.