Organ Donor Advocate Promoting Status Verification

The Windsor-Essex Gift of Life Association is helping Windsorites verify their organ donor status.

As AM800 News reported, Windsor ranks 160th out of 170 Ontario communities for organ donation.

Tom Bois with the group was at Devonshire Mall on Saturday helping give people information and get registered. He says one reason is many people falsely believe they're still registered donors.

"A lot of people think they're registered from back in them times when they used to sign up for their drivers license, that's not the case anymore," says Bois."There was a transition period when some of those records were not kept up or not put in the same system."

Tom and his wife Brenda are participating in an awareness program at Devonshire Mall this weekend as part of WEGLA's push for donors this weekend. They spent the day there Saturday and they'll be there again Sunday in honour of their late granddaughter Kylie Grace Cooper-Bois.

"My granddaughter died at 9 months waiting for a liver transplant in Toronto, two days before the transplant," he says. "For that reason we've gotten interested in how important it is."

Bois says the group will be around to point people in the right direction if they choose to become an organ donor, or if they simply just don't know, they'll be there to help them find out.

"They can check the back of their health card, it will tell them whether they're registered or not." Bois says. "Sometimes they think they're not, but they are, which is good to know."

The group will at Devonshire Mall in front of Sears from 11am to 5pm on Sunday and plan on putting on more events in the coming weeks.

Bois say anyone who can't attend can visit for more information on how to verify their donor status, or to become a donor.