Organized Swim Aims To Protect Lake Erie

A group of swimmers is trying to protect Lake Erie in a unique going for a swim.

Beginning Saturday morning, the four swimmers will swim a few kilometres at ten different locations across the region.

The first location is the Detroit River, out to Peche Island and back.

The initiative is called 'Swim for Erie' and is designed to raise awareness and funds to protect the Great Lakes

The four swimmers include Jennifer Agnew from Harrow.

Great Lakes Organizer of the Canadian Freshwater Alliance Raj Gill says it will be a busy day.

"What they are doing is swimming at 10 different locations within the watershed, two or three kilometres at each location, getting into their cars, going to the next location and doing it over again at the next location and doing that for that 24 hour period and the goal is to raise awareness and appreciation for our wonderful lakes."

Even though there is a lot of effort  to protect Lake Erie, Gill says it's not enough.

"We have got water protection laws that are on the books in Ontario but that aren't actually being enforced."

Gill believes the biggest threat is the toxic algae bloom

"It is becoming a continual problem across different lakes across the country, killing pets and making people sick and I would say that is certainly a big big issue."

The last swim will take place at Crystal Beach, Fort Erie on Sunday.

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