Ottawa Street Mural Damaged by Vandals


A newly completed mural in an alley off Ottawa Street in Windsor has been vandalized overnight.

Mural artist David Derkatz was told of the damage by the owner of the building between Langlois and Benjamin.


Lines painted across a mural in an Ottawa Street alley, August 15, 2019 (via Facebook)

Derkatz estimates a mural of that scale has a value up to $15,000.

Windsor police confirm they are investigating the matter.

Derkatz admits it's upsetting this has happened.

"Pretty disheartening, we literally put thousands of dollars into the artwork and all my time and effort, and his and his team as well." says Derkatz "We literally just finished the mural probably a few days ago, last week.  Yeah, it feels like it happened overnight."

He says he's still trying to absorb what's happened.

"I don't know if I'm angry or not." says Derkatz "Obviously not a form of flattery. It's truly like blatant disrespect.  So just trying to do nice things for the city.  I've been doing and painting murals for five years professionally now and this hasn't happened to me before."

Derkatz says the damage is extensive.

"The whole thing got vandalized, like white lines through it, completely down the 100 foot alley." explains Derkatz "And all across the back side there was completely vandalized  with tags like THC and Bandit, I'm assuming what the younger kid writes and THC is like a crew."


Full view of the damage to a mural in an alley off Ottawa Street, August 15, 2019 (via Facebook)

Derkatz is hoping businesses in the area will have surveillance video to help identify who did the damage.

He believes the mural can be repaired, but he's worried the same thing will just happen again.