Out On Bail For Five Years, Windsor Man Has Charges Stayed

A Windsor man who had been out on bail for five years is now free to use the internet after charges against him were stayed.

In September 2013, Wayne Barry, who was 32-years-old at the time, was charged for allegedly hacking into someone's Facebook account. 

The complainant said her account was hacked and information and photos were posted claiming she worked at a local strip club and was in the sex trade.

Charges of obstruction and mischief in the case were stayed back in 2016, but during the investigation, police laid two further charges of possession of child porn.

The child porn charges were stayed in Superior Court on Wednesday as there were issues with the search warrant and the case had dragged on too long in court.

While out on bail for five years, he wasn't allowed to use the internet or computers.

Barry's lawyer Frank Miller says the bail conditions were very restrictive.

"In these days, not being able to access the internet is a huge practical problem because so much business is conducted over the internet, you need to communicate with people that way," says Miller.

"What it tells you is that the complexities of the internet make things a lot more complicated.  This was initially allegations of hacking someone's Facebook account."

Miller says his client is relieved and can now move on with his life.