Outgoing Warden Bain Says Respect Got Things Done At Council

It's been a long time since Essex County Council has seen someone other than Lakeshore Mayor Tom Bain at the head of the table, but after eight years he officially convened over his last meeting.

Council took a moment to say goodbye to outgoing members at the Essex County Civic and Education Centre Wednesday night.

"Tom, you've been a terrific leader. You've been a guy who's shown integrity and honesty that we all admire," LaSalle Mayor Ken Antaya told council.

Antaya, Essex Mayor Ron McDermott, and Amherstburg's Deputy Mayor Bart DiPasqualli retired from politics while Lakeshore Deputy Mayor Al Fazio and Leamington Mayor John Patterson weren't re-elected.

Bain tells AM800 News he's proud to have been part of such a professional group of community leaders that got things done and kept budgets on track.

"No one ever sat back and didn't express their thoughts and if it was in opposition to what someone else was thinking it was stated," he says. "That's what I'm so proud of ... everything was put on the table, it was thrashed out, but when we left the decision was made and it was followed through by the entire county council."

Over the past eight years Bain has also seen the relationship between the city of Windsor and Essex County mend and become a united front.

"You hear Windsor-Essex County, we're there in the economic area, agricultural area, by working together as the two unit's and making one we're much stronger for it and we've put ourselves on the world map. That's the way I see it," added Bain.

He says anyone who wants to step into his roll can put their name in at an event on Nov. 16 and his successor will be voted on by council at its next meeting on Dec. 12.

Bain continues to preside over Lakeshore Council as one of the longest standing mayors in Essex County, a roll he's held onto since 2006.

He says he looks forward to spending more time on town business, with his family, and his horses.