Over 40 Complaints About Dogs Left in Hot Vehicles in Windsor


Even though the heat warning is over,  a Windsor woman is still warning drivers of the dangers of keeping your pet in a locked vehicle with the windows up.

Rose Owens is the founder of Pet Patrol and says during last week's heat warning, she had more than 40 calls from people identifying dogs left in vehicles.

She wants to see people get fined for leaving their pets in cars on hot days.

Anything over 75F or 24C, she says can pose a danger.

When she arrives on scene, Owens takes the temperature inside the vehicle and temperature of the dog if a door is unlocked.  

As she is driving to the scene, she calls 911.

Owens says right now, it's about raising awareness.

"I give them a pamphlet showing them [drivers] the dangers," she says.  "They usually say I was only in there for five minutes, doesn't matter, five minutes, two minutes, it doesn't matter, a lot can happen to your pet."

Right now, drivers are given a warning but Owens believes it should fall under animal cruelty and the driver fined.

"What needs to start is police fining, these people are going to stop once there is a fine stipulated."

She is encouraging people to take a picture of the licence plate, the dog and the location and text her the information at 519-791-5122.