Over Six Month Backlog For Windsor's Flooding Subsidy Program

Due to the backlog in the basement flooding subsidy program, Windsor is reminding people about its fast-track option.

This year, over 1,000 subsidy applicants have picked the fast-track option, while about 3,700 have applied for the traditional program. City Engineer Mark Winterton says as a result, there is a backlog of between six and eight months.

Winterton says if homeowners want work done sooner rather than later, they should seriously consider the fast-track option, which gets you the permit the same day.

"While we believe there is value added to the traditional program," he says. "If speed is of the essence to you, then you might want to consider the fast track program."

The fast track option does not require a pre-inspection by a city inspector but a licensed plumber must perform a pre-conditions assessment before a building permit can be issued.

Winterton says there are only a handful of city inspectors available to tackle the thousands of requests.

Back in September, the city agreed to allocate $7.2-million toward the subsidy program which covers up to $2,800 for the installation of back flow valves and sump pumps.


- With files by Peter Langille