Overdose Prevention Society Making House Calls

Windsor's Overdose Prevention Society is going mobile.

The group has been fighting a public battle to establish an overdose prevention site that Windsor Police Services has made clear won't happen under current legislation.

Member Brandon Bailey tells AM800 News the group will now go to users instead.

"We'll go out to where they're at to meet them and supervise them to make sure they don't go into an overdose. If they do, they will be administered naloxone, receive rescue breaths and Emergency Medical Services will be called," he says.

Part of the society's mandate is to make sure the drugs being used aren't laced with an unknown substance, according to Bailey.

"We would definitely prefer to test everything. Some people, they don't want Fentanyl in their drugs. We have Fentanyl test strips," he says.

Bailey says the society hasn't given up on a permanent site.

"We want to work towards both, but for the interim we're focusing on the mobile unit," he added.

Bailey tells AM800 News the group will also hand deliver harm reduction kits with clean needles, and test trips — the kits also contain naloxone and the society will provide training on how to use it.

He says residents can contact the Overdose Prevention Society to clean up drug paraphernalia such as dirty needles found in the community.