Overnight Tunnel Closures End this Weekend

Overnight closures of the Windsor Detroit Tunnel will end this weekend.

After February 3, 2019 the tunnel will remains open 24-hours a day.

Tunnel President Neal Belitsky says they expect "substantial completion" of the ceiling work will be done by Sunday.

The $21.6-million project which started two years ago is well behind the original schedule which was to be completed last June.

Belitsky says there are a few things like wiring that still have to be wrapped up.

"We just have some ancillary projects and some cleanup left to do and so that work will probably continue behind the scenes almost to the middle of 2019."

He says there will be occasional closures following March 3, 2019.

"They will be at night, as they have been over the past year or so and some of them may just last a few minutes there will probably be some that may be full night closures but we will certainly again let the travelling public and businesses know well in advance."

Belitsky says the work was far more complicated than they initially expected.

"This is a unique project in a unique structure and so there was certainly a learning curve for us as the operator as well as for the engineers and for the contractors."

He says the cost will be higher than expected because of the alterations that had to be made to the work, but didn't have an exact figure.