Overnight Tunnel Construction Suspended 2 Days

Drivers will have the opportunity to use the Detroit-Windsor tunnel overnight Wednesday and Thursday.  

Crews have been working on a repair project since November causing the closure of the tunnel overnights from Sundays through Thursdays.  

Tunnel officials say the construction crews will be off tomorrow and Thursday so they have decided to open the passage to traffic.  

Tunnel President Neal Belitsky says it's because the workers are required to do an annual training session.

"Our contractor, Toby Construction, is sending all their employees to at least 2 days of the required training and it was most efficient for them to do it all at once and only interrupt their work for 2 days "

Belitsky says this should be the last holdup until the re-opening in June.


Crews work 24-7 to replace the ceiling inside the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel. October 2017 (Photo by AM800's Teresinha Medeiros)

"Project is progressing on time, on budget and on schedule so we don't anticipate any additional delays from the 2 day opening"

He says the project is about to enter a new phase.

"Folks over the next couple of weeks should start seeing some additional work and basically there'll be some stainless steel hangers will start appearing in the midline of where the ceiling is currently open"

The regular work schedule will resume next week and the project is scheduled to be complete by June.